5 Reasons You Need Custom Packaging for Your Business

Custom packaging will give your business the competitive edge it needs to stand out from the competition. Outlined below are some of the most compelling reasons why you need custom packaging for your business.

In the business world, it is imperative that your brand stands out rather than blends in with the competition. As market trends evolve, companies must adapt and learn to differentiate themselves from their competitors. You are setting yourself up for failure if you do not learn how to innovate and improve upon your brand using modern marketing techniques. As a result, finding ways to differentiate your brand from your competitors has become more important than ever.

Many companies focus on traditional marketing initiatives such as email and social media but fall short when it comes to their product's branded packaging. You have worked diligently to provide the perfect product for your customers, so why deny them the unboxing experience that they so desire? Especially when investing in custom packaging can help save your company time and money.

1.) Increased Brand Awareness

Branding is a major differentiator between you and your competitors. By having competitive branding that is eye-catching and valuable to your customers, your business can capture a larger market share helping to drive more brand-loyal buyers.

Yet, many businesses fall short when it comes to the customer’s unboxing experience. There is true excitement that comes from the reveal of a product from a brand that you know and trust. With a truly unique unboxing experience, you will ensure that your business can provide a superior customer experience which, in return, will allow for the growth of repeat conversions. Additionally, custom packaging will signal to your customers that your business is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that they receive the best possible experience.

2.) Differentiate your brand

Many businesses put a fair bit of time into creating both a visually appealing and functional product that addresses consumers’ needs and wants. Why not do this with your packaging as well?

Differentiating your brand is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. It allows companies to develop unique selling propositions and reveal distinct qualities about their products. In doing this, your brand can gain a competitive advantage and stand out from its competitors.

Custom packaging can help your business gain this competitive edge by increasing the buying appeal of your product by appealing to your consumer’s desire for added value and a personalized buying experience.

3.) Showcases Your Brands Values

Sustainability and carbon footprints are hot topics worldwide. Customers are more aware than ever of brands’ environmental footprints and enjoy shopping with businesses that share similar commitments to the preservation of the environment.

Recycled custom packaging allows you to showcase your brand’s efforts to be environmentally conscious through eco-friendly and sustainable custom packaging while also helping to grow your consumer base.

4.) An Unutilized Communication Channel

72% of Americans say the design of a product’s packaging influences their decision to purchase from a company. The way your product arrives makes a difference in the eyes of your customers.

Custom packaging is one of the most effective methods of conveying information to customers about your product or business. Product packaging can showcase your unique selling points (USPs), why you are different from your competitors, and how your product will alleviate the wants and or needs of your customers.

Ensuring that your customers will make (or have made) the right decision to purchase your product is the direct role of marketing. So start utilizing the simple and effective marketing channel of custom packaging.

5.) With Pratt, It’s Cost Effective

Nearly all businesses wish to boost profits and simultaneously cut costs, and what better way to do this than through custom packaging?

Utilizing Pratt’s package customizer will allow you to design packages that fit your requirements and will help to reduce those excess materials your products may not otherwise need. You will no longer have to pay increased shipping costs for oversized boxes. This will allow your business to pass some of that savings on to your customers, possibly leading to increased sales margins.

Additionally, ensuring the safety of your product throughout the order fulfillment process can be a tricky and often costly hassle for many businesses. Damaged and/or broken products can lead to return expenses and an unhappy customer base. As a result, custom-fitted personalized packaging through Pratt will allow you to keep your product safe while minimizing costs from extra materials such as bubble wrap or paper lining.

At Pratt, we are committed to innovative and sustainable ways of delivering custom packaging for your brand. Check out our diverse selection of completely customizable packaging solutions that will help to deliver a superb unboxing experience for your customers.

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