Are you Ready to Sell More Pizza? Gear Up for Halloween!

Did you know that more people order pizza on Halloween than other any day of the year? In fact, Halloween kicks off a seasonal pizza frenzy, with Americans consuming more pizza between October and January than at any other time of year. With all those pizzas flying out the door, pizzerias are all trying to make sure they get a bigger piece of the pie (pun intended). One way that pizza shops stay top of mind for their customers is with well-branded custom boxes. With branded boxes store owners create stronger brand recognition. It’s a great way to remind each customer with your logo, phone number and even promotional messages to incent your customers to call next time they are craving great pizza.

Happy Halloween

Design Your Halloween-Themed Boxes Ahead of the Rush

This year, Halloween falls on Monday, so you can be sure trick-or-treating will take place over the preceding weekend as well as on October 31.

To help you start designing your Halloween boxes now, we’ve created spooky template(s) to get you started. Using boxes designed to “wow” ahead of the big day adds to the fun of the season while reminding customers to come back to you for more. You can also mix and match different designs to serve great branding throughout the Halloween season.

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