3 Tips to Build a Winning Box Design For Your Business

Your product box is a simple and often overlooked avenue to use as a branding tool. You’ve spent hours crafting how your business looks and runs online, but have you thought about what your customer sees when they finally receive your product?

Here’s where your box design comes in. When creating a show-stopping box design, there are several factors to consider. You want to grab your target consumer’s attention, guide them through the consumer pathway and ultimately assure them you have a brand and product they can trust.

It can be a complicated process, so we’ve come up with three tips for crafting effective box designs. You’ll be sealing the deal and propelling your business towards being both recognizable and trustworthy.

1. Your Eye-Catching Colors

Use your box design to visually remind your consumers of the branding Easter eggs you’ve already spread around on your website and over email.

Cooler, vibrant colors are crisper than warmer, pastel colors on kraft brown materials and tend to capture people’s attention.

Luminance contrast describes the brightness difference between a subject and its background. Colors with higher saturation and deep hues, such as black, purples, greens and deep blues tend to stand out on box designs because they print vibrantly.

Consider leaving out reds, yellows and oranges for your box design as these do not print truly vibrantly.

White spaces in your logo will appear blank when printed on your box design. However, you can use this to your advantage. Negative space can create imagery to reflect your company name, service or motto.

Whatever colors you choose, plan for their use accordingly across all mediums for consistency and stay attuned to what emotions they evoke.

2. Your United Imagery

Match the tone of colors in your box design and logo with an appropriate typeface and shape. Brainstorming the imagery in your logo and box design should start with your desired conceptual company perspective.

What pop culture tools or symbols will immediately remind people of your product, service and background? Tailor the mental and emotional queues of your logo and box design to the intensity of your messaging and company.

Your logo and box design’s imagery should evoke the benefits of your business and services. Use prominent letters from your business’ name to shape and enclose a blank or white icon that evokes your product or distinguishing feature you may highlight in your motto.

If you have conceptualized your logo and box design but are struggling to design a professional version, get help from a recommended freelance service provider to bring your idea to life.

3. Your Logo

When it comes to design, sometimes less is more. The easiest customization you can do for your box is to simply put your logo on it. This can neatly tie together your brand messaging and maximize the success of your shipping box.

Your logo is most likely already shared on your social media channels, website, advertising, page banners, and email signatures. This serves as a subtle visual reminder associating your expertise with your product and brand. And, it provides a polished and professional first impression on your consumer.

Using a unique logo and box design that reflects the nature of your business without being cliché is essential.

Your box should complement your novelty product and distinguish you in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Ready to put your logo on a shipping box? Prepare your logos to print using our design resources.

This article was written by our content freelancer, Brianna Washington.

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