GreenBox Pizza Box: As Seen on “Shark Tank”

Have you heard about GreenBox? It’s the innovative pizza box with built-in plates and a storage container for any leftovers. Made from 100% recycled and recyclable material, GreenBoxes have been touted by the New York Daily News and featured on “Shark Tank.”

This groundbreaking pizza box innovation protects your tasty pizza, preserving their freshness and steaming hot temperature, until your customer opens the box. Then, each GreenBox can be broken apart to create a serving platter, four individual plates and a storage container for leftover slices. Perforations and on-the-box instructions make it easy for your customers to convert the box for serving and storage.

Your customers can enjoy your pizza anytime, anywhere because GreenBoxes eliminate the need for paper plates, plastic utensils, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and water-consuming clean up. GreenBoxes offer your pizzeria and your customers an easy and convenient way to enjoy a pizza without the waste that comes with traditional boxes.

Use our online design tool to design your custom GreenBox in just three clicks. Change your design at any time; we require a small 25 unit minimum order quantity. We’ll ship your GreenBoxes to you in just a few business days.

Custom Greenbox

GreenBoxes remind your customers that pizza is more than a meal – it’s a fun way to spend time with friends and bypass cleanup all together

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