Kraft Bubble Mailers: Protecting Your Products and Your Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a shipping option that is cost-effective, eco-friendly and provides your products an added layer of protection, then look no further than the Kraft bubble mailer.

Available in several sizes, a Kraft bubble mailer is a padded envelope lined with bubble wrap on the inside and is typically made of Kraft paper. Because of its makeup, it increases the safety of products — ensuring customer goods arrive without any defects or damages.

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As you weigh your options for the best shipping solution, our goal today is to make you an expert on all things Kraft bubble mailer. To that end, here are five reasons why you should consider using these mailers to ship your items.

1. Protection

Kraft bubble mailers have become the go-to solution for businesses that want to protect their products during shipping. Unlike poly bubble mailers, which are made from plastic and more prone to bending, Kraft bubble mailers are designed to provide excellent protection.

The combination of Kraft paper and air-filled bubble cushioning offers a robust and rigid barrier against impacts and falls during transit. Due to the interior bubble wrap lining, Kraft bubble mailers also shield products from moisture. They also come with a self-sealing adhesive strip that makes these mailers tamper-resistant — giving your products added security.

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2. Shipping and Packaging Savings

If cost is a deciding factor as you look for a viable shipping solution, then the Kraft bubble mailer is a smart choice. Because they're lightweight and occupy less space, Kraft bubble mailers reduce shipping costs associated with dimensional weight and the need for additional postage.

Kraft bubble mailers also don't require additional packaging items like packing peanuts, packaging tape, or inserts. Additionally, Kraft bubble mailers reduce expenses related to labor. Only two steps are involved in the packaging process, so you can pack more items faster — improving efficiency.

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3. Sustainably-Sourced

Demand for sustainable packaging materials has been increasing over the years. Part of ensuring sustainable practices is having the right packaging size, decreasing the use of packaging materials and that the parcel itself is recyclable. Kraft bubble mailers check all those boxes. And here's why.

The natural brown color immediately conveys its eco-friendliness. Since most Kraft bubble mailers are made from recycled and biodegradable materials, they lower your environmental impact by reducing waste and resources used to produce them — resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

Leveraging Kraft bubble mailers demonstrates your commitment to environmentally responsible operations, which can resonate strongly with customers for which sustainability is a top priority.

4. Custom Branding

A great advantage of using Kraft bubble mailers is that it can provide you with the unique opportunity to increase your brand awareness by using them as a free marketing tool. Some Kraft mailers, like ours, come in white, which lends itself to better branding and advertising by ensuring the integrity of your brand. As a result, a custom Kraft bubble mailer can help you:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Provide customers with a memorable brand experience
  • Enhance the perceived value of your product
  • Create a positive association with your brand

To make your Kraft bubble mailer stand out, consider using your logo and brand colors. You can also include your slogan, social media handles, website, or promotions to further elevate your brand image. In doing so, you can create more memorable customer experiences and repeat business.

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5. Variety of Sizes

Selecting the right shipping package ensures your products arrive safe and in pristine condition. Kraft bubble mailers come in various sizes, so you can rest assured that you'll find the right fit for your needs. As a result, they can be used to ship various products like soft goods, delicate items, books, documents and more. At Pratt, the width of our Kraft bubble mailers ranges from 6-15 inches while our length ranges from 10-19 inches.

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Keeping Your Products Safe

Shipping products is more than just moving an item from point A to point B. You need to consider what you want to send and the experience you want customers to have when your product is delivered.

If protection, cost, sustainability and an excellent brand experience are important factors, then the Kraft bubble mailer is for you. At Pratt, we've helped thousands of customers deliver their products in mint condition. A look at our 5-star reviews shows you how.

From lightning-fast production times to the ability to customize your brand to give it the spotlight it deserves, we make delivering your products with confidence easy. To experience the benefits yourself, create your custom Kraft bubble mailer with Pratt today.

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