How to Create a Custom Pizza Box

Branding is the key to success in the food industry. Ensuring that your pizza box package design is unique and represents your brand effectively is a great way to establish your business in the minds of your customers, and a solid custom packaging design goes a long way in making sure you're successful. Here’s how to make sure you’re winning with yours.

1. Research your customers: Before getting started, maximize the impact of your branding efforts by surveying your customers. Knowing exactly what makes you different from your competitors goes a long way in helping your brand stand out from a sea of brown boxes. A great way to visualize this is to consider how your pizza box would look at a distance when it's being delivered. You never know who may be looking, and it's a great way to get free advertisement and brand exposure with potential customers.

Custom Pizza Design

Source: Pratt Custom Templates, Retro Pizza Box Template

2. Create an eye-catching design: One of the benefits of custom pizza boxes is that they provide you with a lot of great real estate to get your message across. You can go all out with interesting [NH1] artwork or leverage typography and memorable colors in creative ways to make your custom pizza box stand out and communicate your brand story and values.

Halloween Pizza Box Design

Source: Pratt Customer, Gregory J. — Rocco’s Pizza

3. Consider the materials: Customers today are placing a premium on sustainable and eco-friendly materials that are good for the environment. You may consider recycled materials or more cost-effective ones like cardboard or corrugated boxes. For example, at Pratt, we divert over 3 million tons of paper and other recyclable materials and convert them into 100% recycled content packaging supplies for businesses like yours.

4. Choose Your Sizes: The next step is to select your custom pizza box sizes. Ensuring the right fit is vital to maintaining the freshness and quality of your pizza.

5. Customize Your Pizza Box Further: Stickers, stamps and custom wax paper are additional ways to further customize your pizza box to leave customers with a memorable experience. You can also consider alternative ways customers can use a pizza box, like the GreenBox pizza box. It’s a pizza box with built-in plates and a storage container for leftovers. How many pizza boxes can do that?

Customize Green Pizza Box

Source: Pratt, GreenBox Pizza Boxes

6. Select a Packaging Provider: The final step in creating a custom pizza box is to choose a packaging provider. One that is reliable, fast, boasts several customization options and has proven experience in the printing and food manufacturing industry.

Delivering More Than Just Pizza

Creating custom pizza boxes can be a fun and creative process. And there are endless possibilities for exploring how a pizza box can enhance your brand identity and customer experience. You can customize your pizza box design to align with special holidays or promotions.

One real-world example that comes to mind is Papa John’s Spider-Man collectible pizza box. It featured a Snapchat-enabled AR experience. It featured a Snapchat-enabled AR experience. Customers were encouraged to interact with the box by scanning a Snapcode on Snapchat, which transformed the box into a European landscape, including notable locations from London and Venice.

Spiderman Custom Pizza Box Design

But this isn’t the only time Papa John’s has leveraged its pizza box to better engage its customers. In 2013, Papa John designed a special pizza box to thank the Indianapolis community for supporting its “CHUCKSTRONG” fundraiser.

This shows the power of using custom pizza boxes to engage and build a relationship with not just customers but the community you're a part of. The key is to get creative and think outside of the box, no pun intended.

At Pratt, we've made creating custom pizza box designs that reflect your unique brand and values easy. Through our intuitive interface, you can work off one of our templates or bring your own design while leveraging our eco-friendly and cost-effective materials.

Plus, with one of the fastest production times in the industry, you can rest assured that you'll get custom pizza boxes that reflect the quality of your pies as fast as you need them. Just take a look at all of our 1,333 five-star reviews.

So, what are you waiting for? Start building custom pizza boxes today.

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